Business Advisory Services

Kilan’s business advisory services provide an organization with experienced professionals who bring an independent and fresh perspective to existing processes leading to improved overall business performance. In many cases processes have not stayed current with business growth and have become inefficient, slow and do not reflect current organizational structure. Our collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach examines all levels of the organization to ensure quality and business performance are reviewed holistically resulting in far better results by ensuring alignment of processes with company objectives. These services are divided into four areas of the business and discussed below.

Project Management Support

With an emphasis on communication, quality and risk management, Kilan’s Project Management Institute PMI-certified Project Management practices include the oversight of multi-disciplinary project delivery teams; ongoing stakeholder management and the identification and documentation of project requirements; the development of project management planning documentation; the objective assessment of project progress and the completeness and quality of ongoing work tasks and the audit and evaluation of contractor and vendor performance.

Business Process Management

Business process modeling is the activity of analytically representing processes of an enterprise. We start by mapping out your organizations current (or “as-is”) processes creating a baseline for future process improvements and the robust design of (or “to-be”) processes that optimize business operational performance. This effort focuses on understanding current processes, clarifying responsibilities, identifying process inefficiencies, designing new procedures, and the preparation of training materials. The identification of operational opportunities to enhance and automate existing business processes through cost reduction initiatives, increases in quality, cycle time reduction, and documenting of critical business processes.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning includes the development of a company’s vision and objectives with the identification of the means and methods required to achieve them. Kilan’s strategic planning support services include the evaluation of market, competition and customers; the assessment of products, services and pricing strategies; the creation of an effective marketing and outreach strategy and the identification of the people, processes and practices required to successfully develop a healthy, resilient and profitable company.

Organizational Assessment and Performance Review

Kilan’s operational assessment provides you with an objective evaluation of your company’s effectiveness and limitations by appraising the overall organization, from its mission and strategy and corporate structure to your management practices and the underlying systems, policies, and procedures. Our approach enables us to gain an in-depth understanding of key issue areas critical for the development of alternatives and solutions, and our collaborative approach enables us to work with your management team to develop action plans designed to meet and exceed your organization’s goals and objectives.

Business Advisory