Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

GIS and Enterprise Asset Management System Implementation Support
LBJ Express, Segments 1-3

The Kilan team supported the LBJ Express staff with advisory consulting and support services throughout the design and implementation of an Enterprise GIS using ESRI’s ArcGIS Server 10.2 with the Roads and Highways extension. The Kilan team supported LBJ staff by coordinating and attending project meetings; reviewing requirements documentation; providing updated design requirements for the LBJ geodatabase; converting CAD data to GIS format; loading converted GIS data to the LBJ geodatabase; establishing an advanced linear referencing system (ALRS) within the Roads and Highways extension, and developing and publishing a map service to integrate Enterprise GIS assets with the Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system. Kilan provided technical support throughout the implementation and release of the Enterprise GIS and EAM by attending project meetings and training sessions, coordinating system requirements with the GIS and EAM vendors as needed, and validating the GIS and EAM integration.

LBJ Express

Enterprise GIS Implementation Support
International Boundary and Water Commission, U.S. Section

Kilan provided sub-consulting services to MIRATEK Corporation to support the design, development and implementation of an Enterprise GIS including development of stream gage and water quality data for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). The Enterprise GIS spanned the United States-Mexico border from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean and included detailed features such as levees, culverts, canals, hydrology, fences, right of way, property boundaries, encroachments, border crossings, licenses, leases and permits. The Kilan team supported the project by providing integration oversight services for managing the project schedule and identified risks/issues and quality management; developing a Communications Plan governing communications and reporting between the prime and sub-consultants; developing weekly, bi-weekly and monthly budget and progress reports provided to the prime consultant to support reporting on the project; preparing user questionnaires and conducted on-site user interviews; supporting development of the GIS Strategic Plan, needs assessment and implementation reports; providing future hardware, software and infrastructure recommendations; supporting development the Enterprise GIS geodatabase design; developing functional specifications and user acceptance testing (UAT) scripts to support the requirements development and testing phases of a custom web-based application developed on the project to manage the creation and approval of IBWC permits, licenses and leases, and supporting the GIS data conversion effort.

International Boundary and Water Commission

Data Assessment and GIS Data Conversion Work Plan
Ft. Bliss Army Base, Directorate of Public Works

Kilan provided integration oversight services for managing the project schedule, identified risks/issues and quality management; developed weekly and monthly budget progress reports; prepared a GIS data conversion workplan for incorporating environmental data into SDSFIE compliant layers housed in the Ft. Bliss enterprise ArcSDE geodatabase; provided hydrologic modeling and terrain analysis of 1.5 meter LIDAR remote sensing raster data for a 66 1:24,000 quad area using ArcGIS Desktop, ArcSDE for SQL Server, and ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, and developed analytical products including a vegetation canopy height model, drainage basin delineation, surface flow direction and accumulation, and raster dataset mosaics for use with ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Spatial Analyst.

Fort Bliss

Script and Variable Development for Processing LiDAR Mosaics
Statistical Research, Inc. (SRI)

The Kilan team provided integration oversight services for managing the project schedule, identified risks/issues and quality management; developed weekly and monthly budget progress reports; developed Python geo-processing scripts, and processed 1-meter LiDAR raster data using ArcGIS Desktop and Spatial Analyst for Sakakawea, Francis Case, and Oahe reservoirs located in North Dakota as part of an effort to programmatically calculate beach and bank erosion rates along each reservoir for the United States Corp of Engineers.

Statistical Research Inc

GIS Program Support Services
North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA)

Kilan provided advisory consulting services to the Authority’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team in support of their Enterprise GIS upgrade of ArcGIS Server and its related software to version 10.2. The Kilan team supported development of the Project Management Plan (PMP) governing the overall ArcGIS Server upgrade and implementation including the project charter, scope, schedule, roles and responsibility matrix, communication and issues and risk tracking documents. In addition, the Kilan team attended project meetings, and provided the Authority’s GIS team with templates specific to GIS processes and technology for business requirements, functional requirements, technical requirements, implementation strategies and testing. On call technical support was provided to review and comment on proposed infrastructure architecture, security and web services documentation.

North Texas Tollway Authority