IT Services (IT)

Kilan’s IT Services including Enterprise Application and Business Intelligence services provide project management; business and data analysis; technical design, development and deployment; maintenance, training and support required to identify, deploy, integrate and maintain enterprise applications and reporting processes capable of addressing specific organizational decision-support goals and objectives. Enterprise applications are used to govern and standardize organizational processes such as capital program management, construction management, supply chain management or maintenance management, as well as capture and store supporting data. Business intelligence provides a toolset used to aggregate process data from multiple enterprise applications into useful models, reports and interactive dashboards that can be used by management to support their business or financial decisions for the organization.

Specific work includes:

  • Identification of organizational objectives and expectations
  • Assessment of the existing applications infrastructure and related supporting systems
  • Identification and development of business process rules and workflow
  • Development of functional and technical requirements
  • Data analysis, modeling and visualization
  • Deployment, operation and maintenance of enterprise applications and BI systems
  • Facilitation of training and technical support
Business Intelligence (BI)