Field Coordination and Support Services

Kilan’s field observation, inspection and technical support is conducted throughout the installation, configuration, integration and testing of ATMS, ETCS, ITS and NCS to evaluate consistency with submitted and approved system design plans; to review the progress and completeness of conducted work and to ensure that installed systems and infrastructure comply with documented standards and technical specifications.

Field coordination and support services include the following:

  • Technical support throughout the deployment of ETCS, ITS and NCS civil infrastructure
  • Review of system civil, technical and Fiber Optic Cable (FOC) design plans
  • Recommendation of design and/or constructability enhancements and cost saving strategies
  • Observation of FOC conduit infrastructure design, installation, and proofing
  • Review and assessment of FOC deployment, splicing, termination and testing
  • Identification of field-level issues and risks and the recommendation of response strategies
  • Reporting of construction and integration status based on independent visual observation
  • Observation of integration testing activities and the evaluation of submitted test results
Field Coordination Support Services