System Commissioning Support Services

Kilan’s ETCS, ITS and NCS system commissioning support services provide a comprehensive quality assurance process that begins during the design phase of the project and continues throughout system construction, installation, integration, testing and validation. We act as the client’s advocate and Commissioning Agent, providing independent and unbiased support, verifying compliance with documented project technical requirements, promoting the use of accepted industry Best Practices and facilitating efficient and effective coordination between system design, construction and integration teams.

Kilan’s System Commissioning Support services include:

  • The technical review of submitted ETCS, ITS and NCS system design plans to evaluate compliance with system requirements and recognized industry Best Practices.
  • The field-level evaluation of in-progress and completed civil construction work tasks, including the installation of ETCS and ITS foundations, structures and electrical/telecommunications infrastructure.
  • The inspection of installed field-level equipment to assess compliance with technical requirements and general workmanship standards.
  • The evaluation of submitted test plans and test cases relating to Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Equipment Commissioning Testing (ECT), System Integration Testing (SIT) / System Acceptance Testing (SAT) and System Operational Testing (SOT).
  • The on-site evaluation, observation and witnessing of conducted field-level system testing activities.
  • The identification, documentation and reporting of system non-compliance and the tracking and evaluation of corrective actions undertaken by systems integrators.
  • The assessment, review, verification and validation of system testing data and test results submitted by systems integrators.
  • The review and evaluation of Operational Transition Plans and system training programs.