Tolling System Evaluation Services

Kilan provides an independent and unbiased evaluation of the Tolling System architecture, assessing its overall performance and compliance with established business and interoperability rules. Kilan’s evaluation includes a comprehensive review of all practices and procedures used to design, integrate, operate, and maintain the Tolling System in order to ensure it meets all documented functional and technical requirements.

Kilan reviews are conducted by Subject Matter Experts with specialized knowledge and experience in Electronic Toll Collection (ETC); Open Road Tolling (ORT); Dynamic Tolling/Value Pricing; Video Tolling Systems (VTS) and High-Occupancy Tolling (HOT) systems. In addition, our SME’s have extensive experience in analyzing enterprise system architecture and back office designs, enabling Kilan to provide valuable insight and guidance resulting in improved data analysis and modeling, business intelligence, and reporting capabilities.

Kilan’s Tolling System review evaluates the following:

  • Established business rules, interoperability, and communications protocols
  • IT architecture, including system hardware and software
  • Network interconnectivity with regional partners
  • Data architecture governing the capture, collection, storage and use of Tolling System data
  • Practices used to calculate variable toll rates in a dynamic tolling environment
  • Toll System transaction reconciliation processes
  • Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) of established system reports
Tolling System Evaluation Services